First hours…

photo 2So, here I am… I am currently sitting in a little cottage, surrounded by vines, just outside Renwick in Marlborough. I’ll be honest with you, I’d like to say it’s blazing sunshine and 30 degrees, but it’s absolutely chucking it down with rain and the hills are shrouded in clouds, but I can still hear the birds singing and it’s still undeniably beautiful.

I’ve been in Marlborough for just 27 hours now, but I’ve already met some old friends, visited the local pub, driven my first ute,  had my first day at work, been interviewed by the local newspaper and attended the Wine Marlborough AGM!  I’m not too skittled by jetlag mercifully, but my head is spinning a little bit now and my intentions of writing something meaningful and profound have gone out of the window…

Suffice to say that everyone has been unsurprisingly lovely: I arrived to a fridge full of food and wine last night, including a cooked chicken with roasted potatoes, home made bread and a bowl of gorgeous Marlborough cherries – and milk from the resident Seresin Estate cow (which was absolutely delicious – the milk, not the cow). My new colleagues at work have been so kind and welcoming (and pie-providing too), and the view from my office isn’t too bad either (pictured – with authentic Marlborough raindrops on the window). All in all, things are very good indeed.

However, it’s strange to be so far from everything that is familiar and for it not to be holiday or a work-related trip, and for it not to have an end date.  It’s pretty scary in some ways, but this is home now, and the new will gradually become the everyday, the scariness will fade, skype and facetime will keep me connected to family and old friends, while – in the meantime – new friendships will be built and – apparently – 10km will start to feel like a long way to drive! This is just the beginning…




Today’s stuck-in-head-song – head to full of new stuff to include a song!

Today’s dinner – Renwick pie!

Today’s drinks – 2012 Saint Clair Omaka Chardonnay Reserve, 2012 Nautilus Chardonnay

Today’s footwear – birkenstocks




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