Biodynamic conversion: new beginnings, new job, new country…

The Road goes ever on and on

Down from the door where it began.

Now far ahead the Road has gone,

And I must follow, if I can.”

This time last year, I was preparing myself with no little anticipation for what I considered to be a trip of a lifetime to New Zealand. Having won the NZ-UK Link Foundation – John Avery Wine Scholarship, I was heading off care of Wine Marlborough to spend three weeks exploring and tasting my way 391823_10151122705381805_181193133_naround the Marlborough region. As anyone who has followed this blog, or my various tweetings, will know, it’s a trip from which I never truly recovered. New Zealand proved addictive, friends were made, and tears shed at the airport on departure became decisions to return as soon as possible.

Now I find myself, almost exactly a year on, packing my bags and preparing for a much more long term adventure. For, I will – very soon – be flying out to take up the role of marketing manager at Seresin Estate in Marlborough. To say that I’m excited is an understatement; it would also be an understatement to say that I am nervous. There is so much to sort out, so much to think about, so much that I’m sure I haven’t thought about, but should have done… And yet over-riding all the trepidation is a huge sense of excitement.

66054_10151122705461805_1437264217_nI love Seresin’s wines and my visit with the guys there during my scholarship trip was fantastic (you can read a little bit about it here).  The combination of the biodynamic philosophy and the perfectionism in their wine-making was highly appealing and the resulting wines were undeniably delicious. This ethos, the wines and the team themselves, left an definite impression. It was an impression that went deep and, when I saw the marketing role become available, I knew that it was my dream job.

When I applied, it seemed too much to hope that I would get it, and – even when I did – the visa took such a long time to arrange that at times it felt like it would never happen. In theory, I’ve known about the move since July, but now it finally feels real. It is SO good to be able to tell people.

It won’t be easy starting a new life away from friends and family (and I know my family are going to find it hard being apart from us too), and I’m sure there will be times when I wonder if it was the right decision, but it’s not one that I have taken lightly. This is – quite simply – an amazing opportunity: a great job with a wine estate that I love, marketing wines that I believe in, the chance to enjoy a different pace and way of life and – importantly – to meet and make new friends.

So, there you go, big changes ahead – watch this space…

Things I know I will need to learn:

– to make good coffee
– to say Savvy instead of Sauvignon
– that most meals can be cooked on the barbecue
– to get used to a hot and sunny christmas
– to deal with earthquakes (not looking forward to that one)
– what “smoko” is
– to ride a bike (again)
– to not wear high heels every day
– to deal with somewhat slower internet than here
– to talk on skype without feeling self conscious
– to use sunscreen rather than just carry it around with me
– to support the All Blacks (except against England of course)

Today’s stuck-in-head-song – I see fire, Ed Sheeran

Today’s dinner – roast chicken

Today’s drinks – so far mostly tea

Today’s footwear – Joules slippers



  • Emma Bentley says:

    All the very best of luck, Kat.
    I’m so jealous you’ll be out there working for Seresin. I knew you were moving, but didn’t realise it was to work for Michael and the gang. I used to import their wines into France so I know them well. Great company, great wines, and you’ll have an amazing time. I’m only sorry that I won’t be your France contact any more. Take care! xx

  • David Cox says:

    I am so pleased for you, Kat. I remember so vividly that day when you attended the interview panel for the NZ-UK Link scholarship and I just knew that you were going to fall in love with NZ and NZ wines. For you to be joining one of my absolutely favourite wineries is fantastic. The Seresin crew are incredible and, as you say, the wines are just amazing. Add the fact that they epitomise what is best about biodynamic farming, and you (and they) have made a wonderful choice.

    All the very best with your preparations for moving out there and I hope all goes well with settling in. Please send my best wishes to the Seresin team and I do hope sincerely that you keep up the postings on this truly fascinating blog. You have a wonderful writing style and you will be sorely missed here in the UK.

    Safe travels. David x

  • Jamie Goode says:

    Best wishes for this big change, and congratulations on having the courage to make it. See you in Beavertown!

  • Brent King says:

    Gudday Kat,
    Glad to hear that your are on the fly to the green of Savvy country… to work and play with the best of them…. enjoy your xmas in Hawkes Bay and will look forward to seeing you at home soon…….. and good to see you will support the ABs…….. join the rest of us and safe travels… B

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