Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #4

I love words. Words are great. With one word you can conjure a wealth of Snapseeddifferent meanings. Say the word “twilight” to people and you will have created a plethora of mental images, from American emo vampires to mist-shrouded walks,  from dark chocolate after-dinner mints to street lamps.

I love wine. Wine is great. With one wine you can conjure a wealth of different experiences. Open a bottle of wine for people and you will create a plethora of memories, conversations, thoughts, emotions and reactions.

Combine  the two and – in my opinion – you create the perfect playground.

Which is just what The Drunken Cyclist did in starting the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge, in which a new theme is provided each month as inspiration to the word-and-wine inclined. Last month, rather surprisingly, I won the challenge, when the delightful Sally Prosser came up with the theme of “Possession”. Thank you to everyone who voted for me, you’re all lovely!  (My post is here.)

Anyway, it means that, this month, it falls to me to pick the theme… So, here goes….

The new theme is . . . OOPS!

Here’s how to join in (I know it’s three weeks rather than four, sorry):

Deadline for submission:  Wednesday, October 23rd 2013

Voting Begins:  Thursday, October 24th

Voting Ends:  Wednesday, October 30th

Winner Announced:  Thursday, October 31st


1. The Monthly Wine Writing Challenge is a work in progress. Any (or all) of the “rules” below can be amended or even changed by the presiding King/Queen of the Wine Writing Challenge.

2. Write a post/article/essay based on the month’s theme. It is up to you how you choose to interpret the theme, but it should include a connection to wine (unsurprisingly for a wine writing challenge).

3. The post should be between 500-1000 words, because it’s a healthy art to get your point across before your readers nod off!

4. Post your article/essay on your own blog.  Link back to this post, send me a link to your post, or include it as a comment here (or do all three).  I will link to all the posts at the voting announcement (on 24th October).

5. Get others involved. The more the merrier, so get all those rising-stars-of-wine-writing that you know to put fingers to keyboard and join in. Use the hashtag #MWWC4 on Twitter and Facebook.

6. Once voting begins, you’ll be able to vote for your favourite post, but you can’t vote for yourself (it’s just not cricket, you know).  The winner will – if they’re like me – feel very chuffed and flattered and then get round to setting the next month’s challenge (i.e. November 2013).

8. Here’s a badge that you can put into your post should you feel so inclined.










So, what are you waiting for? Jump in, the water’s lovely!


CHALLENGE #1 – Transportation –

CHALLENGE #2 – Trouble -

CHALLENGE #3 – Possession -



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