An organically-grown minirant

I have wondered long and hard about how to write this blog while working for a single wine estate; the risk being either getting fired for recommending everyone else’s wines … Want to read a little bit more?


MW: Glad I took a year off!

This time last year, I was one of many nervous candidates who spent four days torturing their minds, hands and taste buds in the Master of Wine exams in London. … Want to read a little bit more?


Six months in…

I’m not even going to apologise for not writing more over the last few weeks. I haven’t yet found my way of writing about wine in the context of the … Want to read a little bit more?


So, I’m making wine… Part deux…

Real Vintage is almost at an end in Marlborough: the leaves on the vines are changing colour or have disappeared, the list of tanks marked with an F for Finished … Want to read a little bit more?


Credit where it’s due…

This morning I waltzed into the barrel hall at work ( I would have foxtrotted, but the floor was wet), full of childlike excitement to check on my wine and … Want to read a little bit more?


So, I’m making wine…

Vintage is upon us and everywhere around these parts, there is activity. Harvesters munching their way through the vines, trucks speeding along the highway to get the fruit to where … Want to read a little bit more?


Vintage is coming…

… well, I say vintage is coming, but for a lot of people down here in NZ, it has already arrived – people up in the North Island have been … Want to read a little bit more?


New Zealand: Three months in

As you may have gathered from the tumbleweed that has been drifting through this blog recently, I’ve been pretty busy and – also – still trying to work out how … Want to read a little bit more?


If a tree falls in the forest… blogging about blogging

Hello there… it’s been a while. Fifteen days to be precise. Actually that’s not that long, but it feels like far longer – the guilt gets to me y’see. I … Want to read a little bit more?


2013, resolved. 2014, resolutions?

So, it’s so very nearly the end of 2013 and, goodness me,  what a year it’s been! It has been tumultuous, stressful, amazing, hopeful, joyous, heartbreaking and life changing – … Want to read a little bit more?


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